Neurofeedback training

The best training you can do to get ahead. And now finally available in the Netherlands. Neurofeedback trains your brain, making you more effective in your study and work. It reduces stress and improves your sleep. You will get more self-confidence as well as a better focus and concentration. Forget long and many Yoga, mindfulness or meditation sessions. And also Ritalin will no longer be needed. Your brain can be a lot more than you think, but just like your body it has to be trained. Normally 15 sessions are sufficient for a lasting result than is necessary. This can be seen in eg headaches, difficulty sleeping or sleeping, negative and obstructed thoughts, reduced concentration, etc.

A training session takes 33 minutes, which you do not have to do except sitting in a chair and listening to music. Sensors are applied to your head that measure your brain activity. The software interprets this activity and gives feedback, directly to your brain, through short interruptions in music. Your brains learn independently to organize your own brain activity. This means that brain learning to switch soups between alertness / focus and relaxation. For most of us, this transition is not so smooth, inter alia, by worn patterns of behavior, as a result, you may experience more stress than necessary. This can express vision in eg headaches, difficulty sleeping or sleeping, negative and obstructive thoughts, reduced concentration, etc.


The training is suitable for everyone, especially for:

People who are overloaded or people who suffer from adhd / add / migraine and often negative and thus obstructive thoughts or people who must constantly deliver top performance and want to increase their focus and concentration. In almost all cases you will notice that your personal resilience will increase.

The training is not stressful. After a time or 10 a 15 you can expect a lasting result. Your brains then ‘learned’ to recover the balance quickly in case of setbacks. Which gives you an optimal personal resilience. Your head will feel ‘lighter’, more tidy.

5 trainingssessieons for €450