Insights discovery

Instruments we use!

Insights Discovery is a 28-page personal profile that gives you a deep and specific insight into your behavioral preferences, your qualities and capabilities. Also very suitable for team interventions.

The profile is made using 25 questions that can be answered online, based on 28 pages analyzing your main strengths and weaknesses, your style of management or how to deal with executives. Your value for the team, your way of communicating, and how to do it with others, etc. In all cases, it will increase self-knowledge and insight into others.

The profile is valuable to everyone (your personal user manual!), But certainly to:

People who want to make choices in career
people stuck in organizations or with colleagues
Students who study in addition to their field of study also want to increase their self-awareness (the “who am I, what can I ask!”)
teams who want to / work together

1 profile including materials, and extensive conversation: € 400

For teams: Price on request